The Heritage of the Coptic Orthodox Church choir’s production presents the most complete and accurate versions of every hymn of The Rite and Hymns of the Fast and Feasts of the Virgin Mary, according to the Coptic tradition. This production by the HCOC features:

• All the melismatic and recitative hymns for the the Fast and Feasts of the Virgin Mary.
• All the hymns for the Midnight Praise, Vespers and Prime Raising of Incense, and the Divine Liturgy.
• Foreword by H.E. Metropolitan Benyamine of Monufia and H.G. Bishop Suriel of Melbourne.
• Contains all the Greek hymns of the Fast of the Virgin Mary from the Alexandrian tradition, which is probably the first time they get recorded by a full choir.
• This production is the first with contributions and recordings by all three HCOC members Canada, New Jersey and Florida, and with contributions by priests, cantors and deacons from Egypt and North America.
• This production consists of 1 MP3 audio CD, with 271 minutes of hymns and rite explanations. As an MP3, instead of audio CDs, this production is made affordable to everyone, without affecting the quality of our recordings.
• The CD was recorded and mastered digitally in professional studios.

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