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This section contains personal contemplations on hymns by members of the HCOC choir. These contemplations are current with hymns taught in HCOC classes. We hope that this will be an aid for anyone seeking to praise with understanding and depth.

1. The Annual Sunday Vespers Praise

2. The Annual Sunday Midnight Praise

Contemplations on the hymns of the Annual Sunday Midnight Praise.

3. The Annual Weekday Praise

Contemplations on the hymns of the Annual Weekday Praise, which consists of the Psali’s and Theotokia’s from Monday to Friday.

4. The Liturgy of the Word

Contemplations on the annual hymns of the Liturgy of the Word (the Catechumen Liturgy).

5. The Divine Liturgy

6. Passion Week

Contemplations on the hymns of Passion (Pascha) Week.

7. Feast of Pentecost

Contemplations on hymns of the Feast of the Pentecost.