6 – Passion Week

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Ethve Ti-Anastasis

Table of Contents A contemplation on the hymn, Ethve Ti-Anastasis (For the Resurrection), chanted on the Ninth Hour of Good Friday. “For the resurrection of the dead who reposed in the faith of Christ, O Lord rest their souls.” O my God and Saviour Jesus Christ, the Church has taught us that when we wake up early in the morning we remember your Holy Resurrection. The light that shines in the morning watch reminds us to look forward with happiness and joy for the resurrection of the dead and eternal life. And now even at the ninth hour when we

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Fai etafenf

Table of Contents A study on the Paschal hymn, Vai `etafenf . The Piece Vai `etafenf `e`pswi nou;uci`a ecsyp @ `nou;uci`a ecsyp @ hijen pi`ctauroc @ qa `poujai `mpengenoc. Afswlem `erof @ `nje Pefiwt `n`aga;oc @ `m`vnau `nte hanarouhi @ hijen ]golgo;a. This is He Who offered Himself an acceptable sacrifice upon the Cross, for the salvation of our race. His Good Father smelled His sweet savour in the evening, on Golgotha. Origins The date and author of this hymn are both unknown. In addition, the theme of it is generic enough that it cannot be said with certainty whether

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Table of Contents Contemplations on the Paschal hymn, Ti-Epistolee, which is the Pauline Epistle chanted during the Sixth hour of Good Friday. In the sixth hour of the sixth day, the Beloved was crucified. Saint Paul looks at the crucified Lord and says “May I never boast of anything except the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world.” (Gal. 6:14) The Son of God came down from heaven and was crucified because of me and for my sake. Jesus chose to die in the most humiliating way

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