The Complete Rite of the Holy Week of Pascha: Katamaros and Guide to the Holy Week of Pascha – By Albair Mikhail

  • For the first time ever, the most complete and comprehensive book of the rite of the Holy Week of Pascha, in Coptic and Arabic, along with the original Greek texts for Greek hymns in the rite.
  • Contains the rites of Lazarus Saturday and Bright Saturday.
  • Includes all the decisions made by the Coptic Orthodox Holy Synod concerning the rites until the year 2015.
  • Contains a very detailed explanation of each event in the life and Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ, provided along with each hour of the rite. The book also has a historical and theological overview of the rite, and how it evolved over time in the Coptic Church.
  • Includes a large number of homilies (maymar) given by the Church Fathers that are part of the rite, some of which have been lost and now recovered in this book.
  • Revisions to the Gospel and Psalm readings in Arabic, the text of which includes the vocalization marks for correct pronunciation.

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